It’s Brink, it Stink.

I got conned into buying brink on release day because several people I know in real life were picking it up, so I bit the bullet and got a copy too. Since the Gears3 beta was ending I figured I could use a new shooter to play for awhile… NOPE. Game is one of the laggiest piles of shit I ever played. When It worked, it was fun, but that wasn’t very often. It was knda like watching Micheal J. Fox trying to insert a catheter, entertaining yet painful.

No party system, weapon feedback is shitty, animation ┬áis shitty, and all the good ideas they had for the game never quite reached their full potential. It can still be a good game with patches, but it never should have been released in the state it is in. By the time it gets fixed (if it does), no one is going to care anymore…

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Gears Of War 3 Beta

Kinda forgot I started this blog, so I haven’t updated it in awhile…

There has been alot of bitching about the Gears 3 beta, I’m going to address those now… First off, the sawed off shotgun. It’s NOT overpowered, but it can be VERY ANNOYING. No longer do you jump from cover to cover trying to close the gap between you and your enemy so you can have an epic Gnasher battle, now you have to keep distance between you for fear the enemy has a sawed off. This takes some getting used to, but the proper tools for medium range combat are available to you, so fucking use them you cry babies! The retro lancer and gnasher have enough power and range to stop the sawed off users in their tracks, sure you’ll still get caught off gaurd, be flanked, be camped, or just have shitty luck on occasion, but if you know what your doing and have decent team mates to back you up, the sawed off isn’t really any more threat than the gnasher.

Theres also been people bitching about the retro, if the retro is nerfed it’ll make the sawed off even more powerful. The retro is the answer to shotgun rushers, end of story.

I’ve heard one complaint that Gears needed a radar, so the player won’t be gibbed from behind so much. TURN UP YOUR VOLUME AND GET BETTER TEAMMATES. This ain’t Call of goddamn Duty…

I swear it seems like people don’t want to play anything that has a learning curve anymore. I started playing off playing games like Quake, Doom, and Unreal online, and those games had hardcore learning curves, and the reward was learning to play well and WINNING. Now you babies have to get a pat on the ass even when you do terrible. Shut the fuck up, play the game the way it’s designed or get the fuck out!

I’ll keep playing the beta for the rest of the week, and then I’ll go back (begrudgingly) to black ops. But until then, I’ll enjoy what’s been provided.

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I’m sick of Modern Warfare 2…

I’ve put like 28 damned days into that game, finished the 10th prestige without boosting…
and now I’m sick to fucking death of it. It’s alot harder to enjoy, even when I play with my regular group of players. It seems like everyone is tired of it, so it ends up just people bitching bitching bitching… People don’t play their usual roles like they used to, they just run around acting like a fucking retard with a gamepad. Who can blame them though? We’ve been playing one core game for the better part of a year now.

Problem is, there’s not much else that interests me to fucking play right now! Halo:Reach is as exciting as watching your cock rot off, and I won’t be able to get my hands on Black Ops for a few more weeks.

So what do I do until then? Do I try the new Medal Of Honor, or do I drink booze every night until MW2 is enjoyable enough for me?

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Goddamn Halo Reach.

Alright, I’ve had the game a week now…

I’ll admit, the single player campaign is pretty damned solid. Theres no stupid ass redundant fucking level like the library from halo 1, or the flood level with asshole doors from Halo 3. The ending is pretty badass watching Noble 6 fight til his death.

The multiplayer however, is still stupid ass unload a clip and melee the guy in the face horseshit. Between the morons you have to deal with, the idiots who boot you becuase THEY JUMPED IN FRONT OF YOUR FUCKING ROCKET, the quitters, and the lag, it’s still the same game that hasn’t been worthy of my time multiplayer wise since Combat Evolved. They can add all the classes/abilities in the world, and it ain’t gonna make a damn because the gameplay is still slow, plodding, grenade whoring, melee throwing, pure retardation.

Yeah, I haven’t like Halo in a loooooong time. But with every new one, I think MAYBE it’ll click with me. Never does though….

It’s good for those who have such shitty hand-eye coordination that they can’t jerk off without jizzing into their own retina though…

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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