Goddamn Halo Reach.

Alright, I’ve had the game a week now…

I’ll admit, the single player campaign is pretty damned solid. Theres no stupid ass redundant fucking level like the library from halo 1, or the flood level with asshole doors from Halo 3. The ending is pretty badass watching Noble 6 fight til his death.

The multiplayer however, is still stupid ass unload a clip and melee the guy in the face horseshit. Between the morons you have to deal with, the idiots who boot you becuase THEY JUMPED IN FRONT OF YOUR FUCKING ROCKET, the quitters, and the lag, it’s still the same game that hasn’t been worthy of my time multiplayer wise since Combat Evolved. They can add all the classes/abilities in the world, and it ain’t gonna make a damn because the gameplay is still slow, plodding, grenade whoring, melee throwing, pure retardation.

Yeah, I haven’t like Halo in a loooooong time. But with every new one, I think MAYBE it’ll click with me. Never does though….

It’s good for those who have such shitty hand-eye coordination that they can’t jerk off without jizzing into their own retina though…


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I'm just an asshole who's been a videogame nerd for the run of my existence. I don't have too many folks to talk about this kind of shit, (lord knows, my wife doesn't give a fuck about it) so I figured I'd make a place to share my nerd rage, and occasional nerd-gasm.
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