I’m sick of Modern Warfare 2…

I’ve put like 28 damned days into that game, finished the 10th prestige without boosting…
and now I’m sick to fucking death of it. It’s alot harder to enjoy, even when I play with my regular group of players. It seems like everyone is tired of it, so it ends up just people bitching bitching bitching… People don’t play their usual roles like they used to, they just run around acting like a fucking retard with a gamepad. Who can blame them though? We’ve been playing one core game for the better part of a year now.

Problem is, there’s not much else that interests me to fucking play right now! Halo:Reach is as exciting as watching your cock rot off, and I won’t be able to get my hands on Black Ops for a few more weeks.

So what do I do until then? Do I try the new Medal Of Honor, or do I drink booze every night until MW2 is enjoyable enough for me?


About everylosershero

I'm just an asshole who's been a videogame nerd for the run of my existence. I don't have too many folks to talk about this kind of shit, (lord knows, my wife doesn't give a fuck about it) so I figured I'd make a place to share my nerd rage, and occasional nerd-gasm.
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One Response to I’m sick of Modern Warfare 2…

  1. tyler says:

    i say we pick up medal of honor

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