It’s Brink, it Stink.

I got conned into buying brink on release day because several people I know in real life were picking it up, so I bit the bullet and got a copy too. Since the Gears3 beta was ending I figured I could use a new shooter to play for awhile… NOPE. Game is one of the laggiest piles of shit I ever played. When It worked, it was fun, but that wasn’t very often. It was knda like watching Micheal J. Fox trying to insert a catheter, entertaining yet painful.

No party system, weapon feedback is shitty, animation  is shitty, and all the good ideas they had for the game never quite reached their full potential. It can still be a good game with patches, but it never should have been released in the state it is in. By the time it gets fixed (if it does), no one is going to care anymore…


About everylosershero

I'm just an asshole who's been a videogame nerd for the run of my existence. I don't have too many folks to talk about this kind of shit, (lord knows, my wife doesn't give a fuck about it) so I figured I'd make a place to share my nerd rage, and occasional nerd-gasm.
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