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I'm just an asshole who's been a videogame nerd for the run of my existence. I don't have too many folks to talk about this kind of shit, (lord knows, my wife doesn't give a fuck about it) so I figured I'd make a place to share my nerd rage, and occasional nerd-gasm.

It’s Brink, it Stink.

I got conned into buying brink on release day because several people I know in real life were picking it up, so I bit the bullet and got a copy too. Since the Gears3 beta was ending I figured I … Continue reading

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Gears Of War 3 Beta

Kinda forgot I started this blog, so I haven’t updated it in awhile… There has been alot of bitching about the Gears 3 beta, I’m going to address those now… First off, the sawed off shotgun. It’s NOT overpowered, but … Continue reading

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I’m sick of Modern Warfare 2…

I’ve put like 28 damned days into that game, finished the 10th prestige without boosting… and now I’m sick to fucking death of it. It’s alot harder to enjoy, even when I play with my regular group of players. It … Continue reading

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Goddamn Halo Reach.

Alright, I’ve had the game a week now… I’ll admit, the single player campaign is pretty damned solid. Theres no stupid ass redundant fucking level like the library from halo 1, or the flood level with asshole doors from Halo … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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